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IBuild EPS Cement Sandwich Panels

An Innovating Building Material For Modern Structures

Highly Durable

About iBuild

We manufacture high-quality EPS Cement Sandwich Panels that effectively replace bricks and blocks in modern buildings. It brings immense value to all types of building projects.

Residential Apartments

IBuild Panel is a cost-efficient building material for homes and offices.    

Factory Warehouses

The insulation properties make it an excellent option for warehouses.


Offers a high level of flexibility for designing spaces such as commercial & residential towers.

Why iBuild Sandwich Panels?

IBuild EPS Cement Sandwich Panels brings immense value to building projects. 


The use of IBuild EPS Cement Sandwich Panels reduces the overall costs of building projects significantly. The Panels are highly efficient, inexpensive, can be installed quickly, and does not require plastering

Fire Resistant

The IBuild EPS Cement Sandwich panels are non-flammable building material. It can withstand extreme temperatures up to 1000 degrees. Our panel models have fire ratings ranging from 1.5 to 4 hours

Easy to Install

The lightweight and compact design make the handling of IBuild Panels easy. Moreover, highly skilled labor is not required to install the Panels. The finished surface of IBuild Panels does not need plastering.

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