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Innovative Building Material

EPS Cement Sandwiched Panel is an innovative product developed to cater to the modern building construction industry's need for efficiency and sustainability. The outer panels of this innovative product are made from heat-insulated fiber Cement or Calcium Silicate board, while the interior consists of EPS, cement, and sand sandwiched in between the outer panels.

Outstanding Features

EPS Cement Sandwich panels provide immense value that helps builders, architects, and interior designers create eco-friendly modern spaces for various purposes. This unique structure makes the EPS cement sandwich panel lightweight, resilient, thermal insulative, soundproof, waterproof, seismic-resistant, impact-resistant, among many other impressive features.

Highly Efficient

EPS Cement Sandwiched panels are easy to install. They can be sawn into smaller sizes, nailed, notched, or fastened together. The lightweight reduces the weight on the main structure, and the portable share increases functional space within the building. EPS Cement Sandwiched panel walls are elegant can be used for purpose-build walls such as fire protection, heat insulation, and many more.


The Features of the EPS Cement Sandwich Panel is as follows


01Light Weight

It is significantly more lightweight compared to other building materials.


It is impermeable to water, making the panels highly durable.

03Heat Insulation

IBuild Panel is an excellent material for heat insulation projects.


Its fire-resistance property makes it immune to fire damage.


IBuild Panels offer excellent sound-reduction properties.

06Energy Saving

The thermal insulation property makes EPS Panels energy-efficient.

Models & Technical Specifications

We presently offer three models of iBuild Panels

  • IBUILD EPS PANEL 60 MM is recommended for assembling indoor walls.
  • IBUILD EPS PANEL 100 MM and IBUILD EPS PANEL 200 are useful for creating walls exposed to the outdoors.

The technical specifications of the different models of IBuild Panels are tabulated below:

Why Use CSP?

EPS Cement Sandwich Panels has become the preferred material for modern building construction projects.   It has been widely used for construction projects such as High-rise buildings, airports, hospitals, schools, restaurants, factory warehouses, luxurious villas, family homes, dormitories, production workshops, prefabricated houses, shopping malls, and many more.


Here are a few reasons why building engineers and architects are switching to CSP materials.

It does not contain any harmful substances, emits zero radiation, and produces minimal waste. All these features make IBuild EPS Sandwich boards an environmental-friendly building material.

The IBuild EPS Cement Sandwich panels are non-flammable building materials that can withstand extreme temperatures up to 1000 degrees. The fire ratings of IBuild Panels range from 1.5 to 4 hours.

IBuild panel products’ width ranges from 60mm to 200mm, which is significantly smaller than traditional clocks. These panels provide ample functional space in buildings compared to traditional blocks.

The IBuild EPS Cement Sandwich panels’ structural formation coupled with the Tongue-Groove installation techniques makes the panels resistant to quake, pressure, and high impact.

Rigorous tests have proved that IBuild Panels are damp-proof and waterproof.  This feature makes it an excellent building material for places like the basement, toilet, and kitchen where exposure to moisture is high.

The structure of IBuild Panels and the simple mode of installation makes it easy to relocate. The panels can be disassembled for redesigning the interiors or to relocate an office to another building altogether.

The lightweight and compact design make the handling of IBuild Panels easy. Moreover, highly skilled labor is not required to install the Panels. The finished surface of IBuild Panels does not need plastering.

IBuild Panels has impressive soundproofing properties.  The Sound Transmission Class (STC) of the panels ranges from 38 to 51. This figure significantly higher than traditional walls.

The design concept of IBuild Panels enhances energy conservation and sustainability. That explains why the panels have high heat insulation properties that help preserve indoor temperatures.

The use of IBuild EPS Cement Sandwich Panels reduces the overall costs of building projects significantly. The Panels are highly efficient, inexpensive, can be installed quickly, and does not require plastering.

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We have a reputation for creating high-quality EPS Cement Sandwich Panels.

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